2009-03-11 17:48:21 by mygameline

it's funny, submitting games and really studying about how the whole process works, and reading up on other people that own other sites, you wonder what do people think of you, and how do you really cater to what the people want while still making your self happy making a game. i think everyone kind of caters to a certain web group or niche of people. some groups have much bigger amounts of people that share similar interests while others are not as big.
i really know that i love creating, i think very abstractly when it comes to programming, and i think i need to take a more structured and less random approach to making a game.
from submitting, reviewing, and getting feedback i've learned a few things.
1. people want to win.
2. quickly engage the player.
3. even if the engine, or idea isn't new, make it seem new even if you only adding one new thing or idea
4. make it simple to pick up, and give them a set goal to complete.
5. more structure, less random obstacles
and lastly
people want to win.
i think that the whole gratification of knowing your doing something right, having fun while doing it, and also feeling like a winner makes people happy!
so i'm taking a less challenging route with my games, and trying to move towards a more.
well.. casual one!
what do you all think?

My first Game!!

2007-09-27 04:19:33 by mygameline

wow! i finally did it! I've waited sooo long and looked at this site all the time for like years waiting to submit and getting too scared lol! Anyone else like that? haha well anyway i feel happy to have finally submitted something. very well. just happy. ! but how long are games under review? hahaha i'm new to this! anyway i can't wait! to hear what everyone thinks!