Entry #1

My first Game!!

2007-09-27 04:19:33 by mygameline

wow! i finally did it! I've waited sooo long and looked at this site all the time for like years waiting to submit and getting too scared lol! Anyone else like that? haha well anyway i feel happy to have finally submitted something. very well. just happy. ! but how long are games under review? hahaha i'm new to this! anyway i can't wait! to hear what everyone thinks!


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2007-09-27 07:47:09

I always get a combination of excited and scared when I submit (though more so when it was my first flashes)

It's a pretty great original game. Very well made. good work.

mygameline responds:

oh thanks! that means a lot to me! Yes i totally felt so nervous and excited.. well yea exactly what you said haha but anyway thank you. but now i'm just excited ahah


2009-02-19 14:40:52

i loved your game! favorite the game, favorite you as a user and 5/5 4 teh game! really cool artwork and game was fun to play. i look forward to your next game!


2009-02-19 14:43:52

(btw, when I talked about your game I meant the "JUMP!!"-game, wich is obviusly not your first one lol), HA-HA!

mygameline responds:

hahaha! no problem and thanks!